Connecticut Mac Connection

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Who Are We?

We provide Apple users in Central Connecticut with a way to
connect with others, to share in the enjoyment of Apple's
digital devices.

We're Connecticut's original Apple User Group and have been
meeting continuously since 1984. We provide a relaxed
environment and camaraderie that you won't find at the
Apple Store, or anywhere. Our focus isn't on technology
for technology's sake, but how to get the greatest benefit
out of the digital devices that are part of your life.

Our primary focus is Apple’s Mac computers and iOS devices
(iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), but we also discuss related
products and, where appropriate, alternatives from other
companies. We talk about hardware, software, accessories,
and troubleshooting, but we spend most of our time
exploring how to get things done. Plus, we have a monthly
newsletter that keeps you up to date.

Our gatherings take place during the last week of the
month, usually on a Wednesday. The all-volunteer board of
CMC works hard to select meeting topics and special guests
that will engage as many of our members as possible. Our
meetings start with discussion of topical events and then
we have "Q&A" where members help each other with computer
issues. Then it's time for the main presentation, or our
special guest. Past guests include David Pogue, Andy
Ihnatko and representatives from Apple, Adobe, Wacom,
BareBones Software and many others.

Our meetings are open to the public, so please do not
hesitate to come and visit. Our membership is composed of
Apple users from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels,
so we have a nice diversity of experiences to share. If you
have any questions, please use the email link to get in
touch with us.